Makati Park and Garden

This was taken at Makati Park and Garden, which is right across my school for graduate studies.

Whenever I feel a bit down, I feel so refreshed around bodies of water like fountains or oceans. Even a good bath helps to soothe my nerves.

I love the city because of its diverse people, but I always need to have nature around me to relax. That’s why it was awesome to find out that there was a park right there. I took a walk around the place during my break time last Saturday.

“The Makati Park and Garden, built along the banks of the historical Pasig River, is a peaceful haven with several gazebos, a small lake and an amphitheater. Because it is located a considerable distance away from the city’s central business district, the atmosphere is noticeably more casual and relaxed. Students from nearby schools frequent Makati Park, but it is also popular among families and exercise enthusiasts. The great setting, complimented by ample facilities, has made it a venue for parties and wedding receptions. It’s open daily from very early in the morning until about 22:00 in the evening.” (Source)

Take a virtual tour around the park through these pictures:



8 thoughts on “Makati Park and Garden

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    • Hi Margaret! Don’t be ashamed, please. Even I don’t know most of the places outside my city, let alone my country. I’m from the Philippines, and some places seem to have undiscovered beauty around where I live.. so I want to capture them and post them here.

      Where are you from? I love seeing places from different parts of the world, and thought I should also show others my place.. in case they’ve never been here. ❤

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      • I’m English, and post a lot from my corner of the country, North Yorkshire, which is also beautiful. The Philippines is unknown territory to me, so I’ll take a look at your posts. Thanks for the introduction!

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    • It’s right in front of University of Makati, so there’s mostly students there. I went at the park at high noon, so there’s not a lot of people. I can’t be sure if there would be crowds there in the afternoon, but I doubt it.

      If you like parks, it’s worth a visit.


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