Resilient Rem


When I saw the word for the photo challenge, I immediately wanted to participate. Resilience is one of my favorite words.


Image from

As I thought about which photo to use, images of my nephew keeps popping in my mind.


Although getting back up despite life’s many challenges is a common theme in our family, he’s the youngest daily warrior I know. At this very moment, he’s the epitome of resilience to me.

At the age of 9, he’s already been through so much. He knows how to have much, and he  experienced having none at all. He lost his father at the age of 4, and now he’s living without his mother. Yet, he is quick to adapt to life’s trials.


He serves as an inspiration to most of us in the family.

download (4).jpg

I’m really so proud of him.

Hardship prepares ordinary people

for an extraordinary destiny.
-C.S. Lewis


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