Home-based Online Teaching Job


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Let me save you the time, so you wouldn’t have to search any further.

A few months ago, I’ve just gotten so exhausted with my daily routine of going to the office everyday. I had work on Sundays, so I was missing out on some of the most important aspects in my life like attending my church group. I realized that I needed work-life balance.

I started looking for new opportunities. I read a lot of reviews about different online teaching companies, yet one company stood out from the rest. The company had a lot of reviews on Glassdoor, but I couldn’t find any significant negative comments. This caught my attention, so I tried it out. Fast forward to today, I believe that’s one of the best things I’ve done in my life.

I am now working from home in my own time, so I can go out whenever friends or family invite me. Now, I can also manage my social activities and hobbies. Most importantly, I can rest anytime.

I am now happily working for Bizmates.

As a freelancer, I know it takes some time to research about different companies. Each one of us has our own choice where to work, but let me show you the benefits of working for Bizmates.



If you would like to apply, here are some basic information on the process:

Bizmates Application Process

Job RequirementsTechnical Requirements

Quick Facts


If you have any questions or need tips on the application process, you can contact me at ecabida007@gmail.com.

You may also write my name ELIZABETH CABIDA on the referral field of the application form for faster processing.





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